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Underkids Story- I'm Here
        Jenna was out of town with Trisha, trying to locate their mother’s whereabouts, leaving the skeleton brothers with Flora and Elena. It wasn’t bad, but the girls did miss their mothers, but the girls had very close relationships with their fathers. It was a particularly stormy night; the lightning flashed against the house windows as the rain poured down. Sans was sound asleep in his room, snoring away the storm, however in the room down the hall where Elena slept, the little one wasn’t sleeping.
While Elena was brave at heart and was always exploring she had one fear besides Toriel getting mad and unleashing her fire magic; lightning storms. Elena was deeply afraid of lightning and seeing the large flashes of light across her windows was not making her fear any less unnerving. Elena, with a purple blanket around her shoulders and clutching a plush turquoise rabbit in her arms was shaking in her dark blue footsie pajamas, her tail
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Liana's New Outfit by SecretProdigyHeart Liana's New Outfit :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 3 9 The Dragon Priestess by SecretProdigyHeart The Dragon Priestess :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 6 20
The Lab Underfell Version
“Investigate the Lab; see if you can find anything of use to us.”
The head of the Royal Guard, Papyrus and his daughter, Ash ventured into the dept. of Hotland, on their way to investigate the Lab as ordered by the king. It wasn’t as if the Lab was a mystery to anyone and Alphys had worked their most of her life and she couldn’t find anything of interest, besides her cameras and her personal uses of the Lab's computers so it was odd that Asgore had ordered them to do such a thing.
Nonetheless, Papyrus had a mission to fulfill and he wasn’t going to disappoint him. Ash was also determined to help her father with the investigation. She had never been to the Lab before and had little-to-no knowledge of the Lab, aside from the bits of information that Inu and Yuna had told her but now she was going to see it for herself.
“Remember, my daughter,” Papyrus said, breaking the silence of the walk. “While the main parts of the Lab are stable becaus
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Special Underkids Background Story Dreamtale
      Long ago, a magical deity ruled over the night. His name was Umbra. For countless centuries, Umbra ruled with a gentle but firm hand and the creatures of the night loved and worshiped him every night, praising him and bestowing gifts to him. However, Umbra was very lonely; he longed to have a love of his own, but he being the ruler of the night made it difficult for him.
One day, Umbra was watching a marvelous sunset; the mixed colored made the sky stand out in an almost magical way. Suddenly, a figure appeared from the sun; a fairy-like woman with wings of gold, red and pink and hair of violet.
      Umbra was entranced and made way to her. The woman revealed herself a fairy that cared and tended to the sunset. Her name was Solana. The two then began to see each other every sunset for the next months; talking about their interests and favorite things and Umbra was falling deeper and deeper in love with her every time he spoke to her.
How the wind ge
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The Argument by SecretProdigyHeart The Argument :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 3 17 Baby Elena and Flora by SecretProdigyHeart Baby Elena and Flora :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 2 18 AU Blood by SecretProdigyHeart AU Blood :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 3 2 Liana by SecretProdigyHeart Liana :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 5 5 Welcome to the Team by SecretProdigyHeart Welcome to the Team :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 3 3 I Miss You, But You're Not You by SecretProdigyHeart I Miss You, But You're Not You :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 6 1 Gala (Star Sanctuary Heroine) by SecretProdigyHeart Gala (Star Sanctuary Heroine) :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 5 0 Sasha Xenos (Zerina Souls Heroine) by SecretProdigyHeart Sasha Xenos (Zerina Souls Heroine) :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 6 3
Father's Pride PART 2
There's no denying the fact that Ash is very special and talented for her age. Even I have to admit I am quite pleased with her skills. Already she has bypassed even Undyne's son with her skills which is definitely a good thing for me, for too long I have been number two when it came to skill and strength and now our next generation; my daughter is one of the strongest monsters in Underfell.
Although, I know I am living out my goals through Ash I can tell that she doesn't really want to be in the Royal Guard and wants to live her own life but yet, she does not complain to the training I put her through. She wants to make me proud and she's willing to give up her dreams so mine can come true.
I know I'm being selfish and I know it's not the right thing to do but I can't stop without Ash telling me to stop. If she wants to do something else with her life she must ask me stop and I will, no questions asked.
She's growing up into a beautiful young woman, just like her mother and even Blood
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Fathers' Pride
     The house was dark and silent, all the lights were either turned off or barley lit, there were signs of life inside the dark house as a soft sighing came from the kitchen. Ash was at the kitchen table, passed out from exhaustion from reading all the books she was planning on reading to aid her abilities with her training, but sleep had gotten the best of her and now the young monster was sound asleep, her head resting on an open book.
Fell steps into the kitchen and sees his daughter sound asleep and lets out a soft sight with a shake of his boney head. He walks over to her and gently brushes her dark red bangs out of her face, she must have been up for hours trying to read all these books. Carefully, not to wake her, he picks her up in his arms and holds her close to his chest, softly stroking her hair as she gently grips onto his vest in sleep.
He then carries his sleeping daughter to her room and opens the door with his magic as quietly as he can and steps into t
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Cover Page by SecretProdigyHeart Cover Page :iconsecretprodigyheart:SecretProdigyHeart 4 3


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Very interesting mini show. Definitely one of those better looking shows like Steven Universe. I swear if this becomes a show on Cartoon Network I will watch it. 

And I did hear a dub version of one of the episodes, is it just me or do the Spanish VA and the English VA sound similar? Anyway, I really hope that this becomes a show.


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"Are you sure this is where Vic-, i mean Kyora went?" Ink asked as he followed Error through the halls of the Studio. 

"Yeah, i am." Error nodded, having his arms crossed and a look of focus on his face as the two walked, unknowingly having Prodigy following along behind them. 

"If you say so." Ink replied to Error as the two came to a stop in the room where the Hunter leader had manged to defeat Master Yen Sid for good. "...Why would she come here?..." he asked quietly, blinking.
SecretProdigyHeart Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
(Check out the latest journal.)

The room was deadly silent, blood stains were on the floor.
KyuubiVictoria Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Error and Ink looked around silently before hearing the clatter of something, glancing at each other. "Eh?.." they asked then blinked, noticing that what they heard clatter, was a hunter weapon having landed infront of them, it wasn't an ordinary one though, it was that of the hunter leader. "Wait.. what?!" 

Kyora took that moment to step out of the shadows, hurling the hunter leader onto the floor beside of his weapon, her eyes glowing a darker red than normal as blood was splattered on her face and hands, though she didn't seem to care at all. "Here.. is where you killed my master.." she replied in a voice as cold as ice. "Here, is where i kill you." she continued as venom laced itself into her icy cold voice, taking out her sword as she walked towards the downed hunter, not bothering to take notice of her sister or Error and Ink, her focus was on the task that she had taken apon herself.
SecretProdigyHeart Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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Suddenly, Prodigy appeared behind Kyora, her focus serious and cold and there was a gun pointed to her head, her finger on the trigger. 
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